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2021-11-24 Update: Spring Registration is now Live!

(Price Above is Per Month for 3 Day Option. 5 Day Option Pricing is Below. Sibling Discounts Available.)

Looking for High Quality afterschool programs for your kids?

We are located across from Beebe school, and we can pick your child(ren) up from the Beebe school. If that is a service you need, please check the box below to indicate and we will include it on our roster.

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Note: Click below and register for the first month to reserve your spot for the semester.

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MAP Afterschool Spring

Looking for High Quality afterschool programs for your kids?

We are located across from Beebe school, and we can pick your child(ren) up from the Beebe school. If that is a service you need, please check the box below to indicate and we will include it on our roster.

What will the kids be doing?

  • General Music, which includes singing, drums, piano, guitar, and instrument building. Classes led by instructor Devin Ulibarri
  • Programming with Music Blocks visual programming language. Read our lesson plans at Classes led by Devin Ulibarri with additional assistance by Walter Bender.
  • Art, which includes painting, watercolor, origami, and sculpture. Classes led by instructor Chie Yasuda.

How is the schedule determined?

The schedule is determined based on information available on the Malden Public Schools 2021-2022 School Calendar. NOTE: There is no class on vacation days, no class on early dismissal days, and no class the week of June 20th (unless there are snowdays to make up).

What are the hours and weekday schedule options?

You have the following options for hours and weekdays:

  • Two hours from 2:30 – 4:30 M-F (5 Days)
  • Two hours from 2:30 – 4:30 M-W (3 Days)

NOTE: We will not be providing any other a-la-carte options for scheduling. Restricting our classes to these options allows us to maintain a consistent and progressive curriculum.

Try it! Click an hour within your desired days/hours on the calendar below and you will be presented with all of the possible options available from which to choose.

Beebe Pickup Option and Parent Pickup Time

For all the options that begin at 2:30, you may request for us to walk your kid(s) over from the Beebe School. The walk is approximately 3-5 minutes. There is no additional cost for this service. Please check the box upon registration if this is what you would like to do. Please note that we do not have pickup options from any other schools at this time.

Parent pickup is within 15 minutes of the end of class. An additional charge of $1/minute will be billed to you if you arrive more than 15 minutes late to pickup your child(ren). Pickup is from 4:30 until 4:45. That being said, we understand that things happen. Please communicate if you are running late, and we will do our best to work with you.

How is the price determined?

The price is $15/hour. The sibling rate is $12/hour (20% discount) and is automatically applied to any option.


For families enrolled in the current school year’s fall session, you simply need to communicate your commitment to continue into the spring session and you will be billed accordingly.

For new families, you must register and pay for the first month of classes before your child will be considered enrolled.

Note: Click on any date for the calendar below and pay for the first month to guarantee your spot.

Viewing Bookings and Managing Payments and Invoices

You may self-serve to see the bookings schedule as well as manage payments and invoices via and

What will be done about snow days and other unforeseen breaks in the public school schedule?

You will be given a credit at the rate you paid for snow days and unforeseen breaks in the public school schedule. You will not receive credits for days that you miss do to personal reasons.

Is MAP Afterschool right for my family?

At MAP, we understand that there are many considerations that factor into a family’s decision for afterschool. The truth of the matter is that we may not be right for you. The following is a brief synopsis of what to expect from MAP.

  • MAP focuses on quality education. All our staff are professionals in their given fields (a.k.a. “teaching artists“). This means that they have a lot to teach for those who want to learn.
  • MAP has small class sizes. We are limiting all of our classes to 5 students at a time. We do this because a higher teacher-to-student ratio makes it hard for students to get the individual attention they need from the teachers.
  • MAP teachers are curriculum creators, not curriculum followers. All the teachers at MAP have created numerous lesson plans over the years. Devin Ulibarri and Walter Bender co-created a visual programming language, Music Blocks, to teach programming concepts, together with music, to kids all over the globe. This means that the instructors can work with the ever-changing needs of the classroom.

There you have it. MAP puts quality and innovative teaching/learning above all else, and the pricing reflects that. Your dollar pays for the best teachers and small class sizes, while also allowing us to create curriculum for the unique needs of your kids. If your goal is to provide inexpensive and/or intermittent daycare for your child, then MAP may not be the right choice for you. We acknowledge that there are other places you can take your kids, depending on your needs. However, if your goal is to expose your kids to knowledgeable teachers and role-models, and if our times and location work for you, then we think MAP afterschool is a great choice.

What precautions are you taking to prevent spread of COVID-19?

We take our community’s health very seriously. Please see our detailed FAQ at


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