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After school program; ages 5-10

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Math, Music, and Programming with Music+Code!

Keep up your math and logic skills. Our expert teachers can guide your children from the very early stages to the most advanced stages.


Cutting Edge: Our instructors are leading research in their respective field. Music+Code is the curriculum developed by instructors Walter Bender and Devin Ulibarri to teach computation to kids in a fun and integrated way.

Unique approach to literacy

Reinforce musical literacy while reinforcing math literacy with our unique approach to education.

Get a head start on literacy skills in a fun way: Music and art have a rich vocabulary of mathematics. Our approach is to build the literacy skills learned in music and art, and apply those skills to other areas, such as math and computation.

Come explore with us!

Feel the beat of music!

Learn how to feel a groove, how to play with others.

Project-based Learning: Students learn more when they showcase their work. At MAP we are dedicated to provide frequent performance and showcase opportunities for students to share their work with their peers and the community at large.

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