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  • Student playing guitar

    Private Guitar Lessons

    Discover your true potential with private instruction in guitar.

    Tip: Reward yourself for planning in advance! More consistent lessons means more progress. Additionally, you will receive a discount (10%, 20%, or 30%) for booking lessons in advance. See the table below for details.

    $100.00 Book
  • Level 5 Guitar Icon

    Group Guitar (Level 5, Ages 7-13+)

    Students focus on group ensemble playing, creating harmony.

    $210.00 Book
  • Connect Online

    Virtual Guitar Lesson

    Enjoy quality guitar instruction from the convenience and safety of your home.

    $35.00 Book
  • "M" for "Music"

    Sing and Play, Level 2

    Students learn to sing while accompanying their voice with chords on the guitar.


    • Group Guitar, Level 2 or above
    • Sing and Play, Level 1
    $210.00 Book
  • February Workshop

    2020 February Workshop

    Looking to supercharge your child’s vacation with enriching activities?

    We have many fun and enriching activities for your kids this February vacation! Your kids can join us for either a half day of Music or a full day with Art and Programming in the afternoon. Day passes available for the first day if you would like a trial with less commitment.

    Registration ends February 15th.

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    $200.00 Book
  • Level 7 Guitar Icon

    Advanced Ensemble (Level 7, Ages 7-13+)

    Students learn to be “performance ready” with various pieces.

    $210.00 Book
  • Level 3 Guitar Icon

    Group Guitar (Level 3, Ages 7-13+)

    Classes will begin during the next session (week of 10/29-11/2).

    Welcome to Level 3, our “All Stars” class. In this class, we will advance our reading skills on the guitar as well as technique.

    $210.00 Book
  • Level 4 Guitar Icon

    Group Guitar (Level 4, Ages 7-13+)

    Note: No Level 4 Group Guitar for Jan-Feb Session. We will start again in March, 2020. Schedule for Level 3 is published below.

    Students learn how to play and read notes in various positions of the guitar.

    $210.00 Book
  • Level 2 Guitar Icon

    Group Guitar, Level 2, Ages 5-9

    Continue your Journey with Level 2. Students will learn basic music reading in this class.

    Note: Level 2 only available for ages 5-9 for this session.

    $210.00 Book
  • Level 1 Guitar Icon

    Group Guitar, Level 1, Ages 7-9

    Introductory Group Guitar Classes with Mr. Devin!

    No experience necessary! No guitar necessary (we have on-site, quality guitars that will take the students through to the next level).

    Students learn from an experienced instructor as well as from each other.

    $210.00 Book
  • Family Guitar

    Family Guitar (Level 0)

    Guitar for children ages 5-6, taken together with their caregiver, to learn the basics of guitar.

    No guitar necessary.

    $210.00 Book
  • Image of cover to "Guitar Music for Children and Beginners" by Devin Ulibarri

    Guitar Music for Children and Beginners

    Has several songs to help you learn the guitar:
    * Pluck on an E String
    * I’m a Little Chipmunk
    * My First Rock Song
    * Afternoon Breeze
    And a unique and useful “Note Finding Compass”

    $5.00 Add to cart