Devin Ulibarri

Devin Ulibarri, Instructor

Devin Ulibarri, known by his many students as “Mr. Devin”, has over a decade and a half of experience teaching children the basics of music. He started his career at the Preparatory School at the University of New Mexico, and continued to teach at the Preparatory School at the New England Conservatory until very recently.

He has written his own method book for beginners, and has co-authored an article called “Thinking Beyond the Myths and Misconceptions of Talent” which argues the point that musical skills are, like language and math skills, important skills that everyone is, with normal effort, capable of learning and of which learning will benefit a person’s overall well-being and understanding of the world around them.

Mr. Devin works with every child to help them achieve their short-term and long-term goals in music, balancing “hard work” with “fun” with his own compassionate and creative approach to teaching and learning.

Classes taught by Mr. Devin

Some of the Classes that Mr. Devin teaches* are:

Online Private Lessons

Online Music+Code Classes

*Be sure to check the class description and call ahead to verify which instructor(s) will be teaching the class.