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COVID-19 In-Person Reopening Precautions FAQ

This page answers important questions regarding the precautions we are taking at our Malden MAP location during our in-person reopening scheduled June 28th 2021. This FAQ serves to answer questions for those interested in in-person private lessons, group classes, and summer workshops. If you have specific questions that are not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us at

This FAQ was updated on 2022-01-05. We are monitoring guidance from health officials, and will update this page as guidance we receive changes. You are encouraged to check this page periodically for potential updates.

Are MAP Teachers Vaccinated?

Yes, all MAP instructors have been completely vaccinated for COVID-19 (including the booster).

Will my child be required to be vaccinated before attending classes?

No, at this time, it will not be required that your child receive the vaccination.

Will you be asking families about their vaccination statuses prior to registration?

Yes. For students interested in in-person learning, we will ask their families vaccination status a couple weeks before classes begin. We will not require proof of vaccination. The information we receive will be used for risk assessment.

How large will in-person classes be?

In order to maintain proper physical distancing, we will have no more than six students in a class.

Are students required to wear masks?

At this time, we are requiring all students and teachers to wear masks while they are attending in-person classes at MAP.

Are students required to wear face shields and goggles?

At this time, face shields and goggles will be optional.

What is the ventilation like at Malden MAP?

The ventilation at the Malden MAP location at 10 Dexter St. is good. It has brand new ventilation with a strong fan. We have recently had a second door installed, which helps us allow for maximum air flow on good-weather days (i.e. days that we can leave the door open). We also have two machines inside the facility that clean air. Currently, there are no windows that can be opened.

Will students have time to work outside?

Yes, we are making plans to allow students to work outside as much as possible, both in consideration of COVID-19 precautions and so that students will have a chance to get some exercise and sunshine. For outside work and play, there is some space right in front of our office, as well as a parking lot at 10 Dexter St. Finally, the Beebe school and its playgrounds are directly across the street from our office.

I have more questions, who should I ask?

Please email and we will respond right away. Thank you!

Where can I find more information about in-person classes, lessons, and workshops?

As of the most recent publication of this FAQ, email or phone will be the best way to discuss times for classes and lessons. However, our summer workshop schedule is published at and is open for registration.