Group Piano (K – 2nd grade)

$330 for ten weeks ($280 per sibling)

Learn piano with  Anabel Gil Diaz, our skilled piano teacher with years of experience teaching very young kids. Read more details below.

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A note to parents of siblings: Please select the class and input the first sibling, click "book". Then return to this page, select the class and input the second sibling, and click "book". Then go to your cart to complete registration. The discount will appear as an automatic coupon.

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Students do not need any musical experience to participate!

This series of ten classes will introduce children to the fundamentals of music and piano playing in a fun group setting.  In segments, students will learn the basics of proper hand technique, posture, rhythm, ear training, sheet music, and how to play simple songs. They will learn the basics of music literacy.  Our curriculum incorporates different types of activities and games that involve listening, movement, and singing.

Classes are limited to only four students per group, which is divided by the grade they are currently enrolled in school. IMPORTANT: You may only register for the group corresponding to their current grade. This ensures that students are receiving instruction for their skills and understanding, based on what they have learned in school.

Instructor, Anabel Gil Diaz, has worked with many very young kids and employs a variety of activities to instill basic musical concepts in young learners.

Weighted keyboards are provided by our school during class time. It is not necessary to purchase a keyboard for home. Students will build their piano foundations in class, and homework can be accomplished without an instrument. This approach, in time, helps young students build the best habits.

This class is a good choice for any family interested in exploring piano, and a great choice for a very first music class.


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