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Addendum to Malden PorchFest 2024: More student performances

Last Saturday, MAP Family Learning Center students and teachers performed for Malden PorchFest. We had an hour slot from 1-2pm at Malden City Hall Plaza. Everything went well, and the kids and their families all seemed to have a great time.

Some of the students, however, were not able to participate in the live event, either because of schedule conflicts or because they are taking their lessons online. (Yes, we continue to provide remote lessons.) For those students who couldn’t make it, we asked them to send us recordings of them performing at home so that they could still showcase their work.

The following playlist includes performances by students who are taking remote lessons, footage from a rehearsal of our advanced guitar ensemble with a student who wasn’t able to participate the day of PorchFest because of a volley ball game, as well as recording from the Plaza so that those who couldn’t make it can watch what the others did. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Ananya performs Partita VIII: Gigue (Movement IV) by Giuseppe Antonio Brestianello

Drop your praise and encouragement for our students in a comment below

How did the students do? Please drop a comment into the field below to encourage our students.

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Online Classes

Amid the recent changes to daily living due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MAP has temporarily suspended in-person classes.

Currently, we are doing all online classes. These classes entail doing a lesson over a video conference, regular communications with families with instructional media, and regular group meetings over video conference. Please see the pictures to see what online instruction looks like from our office.

Connect Online

How to connect?

It is simple. If you want to try out our system and speak with an instructor (during hours), you can connect to a room via Jitsi at

Contact us to reserve a trial lesson. This visit is absolutely free and no commitment.

You must schedule a time by contacting us beforehand in order to receive the room name and reserve a time.

(1) Connect with a Desktop Computer

Connect via Laptop/Desktop

…or Connect with your Android or iPhone device, and…

Jitsi for Android

Jitsi for Android with F-Droid

…and (2) join us in your assinged room.

If you have any questions, please reply to this message and/or call us at 781-605-3711. Thanks!